When I lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks, I knew this could actually work. I had never stuck with something that long before. It was a big deal to me – it was little goals that made me think this fits, I trust the process.

Now, life is different. I was so unhealthy before…and now my fitness is really about being happy. My family life is better, my fitness is just getting better every day, I’m motivated more than ever.”

-Phil Russo, 2 year member

Joe Russo

It’s so corny, but there’s a real community vibe. It’s a personal one-on-one experience. How many times have you texted me (Jeremy) when I’m not in class?! At other gyms, no one cares.

Everything came full circle. Confidence, goals, motivation – all of that to me is bigger and greater than I thought it would be.

-Lindsey W.

Lindsey W

I was at almost 300 when I joined here. I would diet and then gain more back than I had before. I’m down to 201. And there was a plan from day 1, which was different.

I dropped 30 pounds in the 6 week challenge, and I felt great. I was sore as sh*t. Now I look forward to that soreness… and I couldn’t wait to get to the classes, I wanted to see everybody else. Life is 100% different!

-Phil R.

Phil R