Our Philosophy


Working out won’t change your life.


Learning how to heal and strengthen your specific physiology will change your body.

Doing it with people who are committed to your growth – that will change your life.

When new folks start with Coalesce, they usually have specific goals that are not happening at other gyms. They may lack the motivation required for a come-and-go gym, or feel intimidated by the workouts in other programs.

At Coalesce, we want you to discover what works: personal training that sets you on your path, and a community that keeps you going. We’ve worked hard to create a culture here, and you’re invited to experience it.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

You can expect meaningful results.
Over and over I hear, “This has changed my life,” and, “I don’t know what I would do without Coalesce.” Here’s why:

The Coalesce culture changes the way you work out.
Requiring personal training first means that our members are fully committed to their journeys. It’s a personalized, curated experience… that feels totally down-to-earth and accepting.

And, you’ll feel welcome in our diverse group.
We’ve got moms, teens, dads, doctors, teachers, public service professionals, older folks… the whole spectrum. The common denominator is a commitment to overall health, and the happiness that comes with it.

Start with a free consulation.

See a path to your unique body goals that you haven’t seen before – one that’s personalized, supported, and useful inside the gym and out.



To come together to form one mass or whole.

To combine (elements) in a mass or whole.

A Note From Jeremy Massa

Founder & Head Coach

I know how it feels to be overweight and stuck in poor habits – and I know how it feels to overtrain to the point of injury.

That’s why I started Coalesce – to help you find the balance that’s right for your body.

I went from 247 to 175lbs – and neither were healthy for me. After years of learning, I was able to get to a healthy weight and follow MY path.

That’s why I care so much about helping you find your own path to health that is right for you. It takes support – having someone in your corner, and a plan to follow that addresses your needs.

Our gym is unusual – training is mandatory and classes come second. Also, we’re all CrossFit certified… but we incorporate functional fitness and corrective movement.

Real health requires ‘coalescing’ different practices that work together for each unique body (and no, ‘Coalesce’ isn’t my last name…).

We would love to help you get on your path to health.

Schedule your consultation and see what’s possible for you.


Coalesce Founder and Head Coach

Keeping up with your fitness routine, no matter what the world throws at you, is important.

We provide you with your own routines to use anywhere, and send workout videos each week through our Facebook group.